01. Two people were killed, and a dozen others [injured] when a bus ran off the road in the rain over the weekend.
02. She [injured] her back lifting a heavy box while she was moving into her new apartment.
03. He was in a terrible car accident, and later died of his [injuries].
04. Continuing to drink has been [injurious] to his recovery from liver disease.
05. I [injured] my back playing basketball with my daughter, and have been off work for almost a week.
06. He got a number of [injuries] in the car accident, including a broken arm and leg.
07. You'd better stay out of competition for a while if you don't want that [injury] to become chronic.
08. His cruel comments [injured] my pride.
09. The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, "Forget [injuries], but never forget kindnesses."
10. I [injured] my leg in a car accident.
11. I hope I don't [injure] myself when I go bungy jumping.
12. There is a Yiddish proverb which states that he who puts up with insult invites [injury].
13. There is a French proverb which states, "Write [injuries] in sand, but kindnesses in marble."
14. The victim's [injuries] are not considered life-threatening.
15. A rat can fall from a 5-story building without [injury].
16. His knee [injury] prevented him from playing professional basketball.
17. She received only minor [injuries] in the car accident.
18. I'm glad my son doesn't like skateboarding. My neighbor's son often [injures] himself trying new tricks on his board.
19. Two of the people in the car accident were seriously hurt, but the third passenger was totally [uninjured].
20. The young girl fell out of the apple tree, [injuring] her back.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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